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Folder Structure

The downloaded package contains a storybook project inside screens folder and a few starter kits in starter-kits folder. The screens inside the storybook project are divided into categories which are present in the storybook/stories-js/modules folder inside screens.

/native-base-startup+    ...    /screens                  // Storybook project        /storybook            /index.js            // Entry file with storybook config            ...            /stories                /modules                    /Accounts                        /components           // Reusable components for this module                            ...                        /AccountSettings.tsx                        /ContactDetails.tsx                        ...                 // Other screens                        /index.tsx                    /BuyingAndPayment                        /components                        ...                        /index.tsx                    ...            // Other modules                /components            // Common components for each module                    FloatingLabelInput.tsx                    ...            // Other components                /layouts                    ChatLayout.tsx                    DashboardLayout.tsx                    ...            // Other Layouts                /assets            // Common assets for each module            /Utils                /Colors.tsx                /MapStyle.ts                /Sizes.ts            ...            /index.tsx    /starter-kits             // Starter kits        /react            ...        /expo            ...        /react-native            ...        /next            ...    /NativeBase Startup+ Figma Kit.fig       // original design file    /         // Readme for basic info